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Celtic Treasure Chest

British Imports, Groceries, Deli Products & Sweets
Celtic Treasure Chest
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Whether you are an expat from Great Britain or just someone that just loves quality imported products from the United Kingdom, The Celtic Treasure Chest is your destination for products imported from Britain. For many of the ex-pats its their Celtic traditions and heritage, for some it is memories of home and family, and many others it may have been an enjoyable holiday traveling thru the historical trails of the British Isles, staying at a Bed and Breakfast then starting your morning with a full British breakfast or an Irish fry-up. Maybe you have spent time in England, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales or on the Isle of Man and fell in love with some of their British made products. Have you ever wondered where you could get some in Canada? The Celtic Treasure Chest invites you to take a trip down memory lane and take home a bit of Britain from our wide selection of U.K. Products. The Celtic Treasure Chest is as close as you can get to products from British without the cost of a plane ticket.

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